20-04 Modo store


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The architectural idea for store came from unique identity that Modo serves as a local retailer of Scandinavian brands and iconic fashion. Interior design draws attention to modern approach and idea of northern simplicity, but also aims at representing the spirit of cultural richness by using genuine, honest materials, mainly from local production. It resonates in physical space through the multiplication of objects in a reflective and semi-reflective environment. Nearly 220-square meters area becomes a stage for presenting both men’s and women’s fashion along two main walls, in linear system that follows the proportion of the place and give enough space for curiosity of clients, rummaging through products.

neutral / background / monochromatic

Design explores interaction between materials, textures, lights and how they reflect in each other. These overlaps, noises and structural glitches create a fluid surrounding of forms and product traces, playing with what’s new and what was existing there before renovation. By using ordinary, commonly known materials in connection with extraordinary fashion items and transferring them into store’s space as a background for selling activities and placement of products, they become unique and remarkable.

flexibility and multi-proposal open system

Central place is occupied by bespoke modules made out of stainless steel, positioned in various ways, which when taken away, free up the space for special events. The idea of flexible store’s treatment derives from growing trends of online shopping. The goal was to create engaging environments that would be variable and responsive to the clients.

mass-production / prefabrication

Existing prefabricated construction elements in store are now connected to mass-produced materials such as corrugated steel plates, steel trusses or concrete bricks. The effect of chain production emerged also in bespoke design of stainless steel tiered shelving with hanging systems for clothes and accessories. Their size and placement refer to the existing structural system, enhancing its importance.

curtains / front and back / hidden and revealed

Steel curtains as a store front, become the facade half-covering goods, but also presenting shopping window exhibition in a different light. It engages clients by creating atmosphere of mystery and discovery, by half-revealed products, showed through mesh of industrial steel trusses. The central placement of entrance emphasises main axis of the store.

The deeper stage of exploring the store consists of brick curtain wall with fitting rooms behind, which play a role in social scene and become instagram bait, putting and impact on online sharing of store experience. The physical environment has an impact on virtual appearance.


Overall usage of materials from local production markets and Greenguard certified textiles from Danish company ‘kvadrat’, gives another dimension to shop-fitting process, its sustainability and wisely planed interior concept. The idea to use new materials only in places, which needed renovation, combined with already existing, renewed elements also presents sustain approach in avoiding unnecessary overproduction. The coherent architectural concept is not only aesthetically well thought-through, but also follows newest trends in sustainable design.








Ålesund, Norway


Maksymilian Sawicki
Hanna Sawicka